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Gail was really excellent at every stage of the process. She is appropriately persistent and resilient, always thinking positively and finding actual solutions. From getting us going, connecting with the HOA, arranging for staging, helping us change floors, minor repairs, inspections, etc, she handled it all. We had an unusual path to a sale this time (after buying and selling many properties in each of the U.S. time zones over the past 20+ years), and two times we fell out of contract for unusual buyer reasons. Gail was very supportive and handled everything smoothly. Gail is easy to work with, diplomatic, and "client always comes first". She held many open houses, did clever marketing, and took care of all the details during the listing period (plants, moving to stage in or out, escrows, etc). We are both working professionals, so not easy to catch us, she managed around our schedules too. You will have a true professional, a diplomat, a negotiator, and a lady as your partner if you choose her - we will do so next time as well.


Gail has just sold our condo at 101 Lombard St., San Francisco, apt. 603W. I knew Gail Grendahl was the REALTOR for us. She is a North Waterfront specialist. She is so thoroughly familiar with her territory here in San Francisco that most people in our large condo complex or in the neighborhood say hello to her by name as she walks down the street! Today is the day that our buyers removed all their contingencies (loan, home inspection, etc.) and we are so thrilled that Gail’s good judgment and guidance have brought us to this point. In retrospect, it hasn’t exactly been a long travail. Our condo sold almost immediately. Gail is a whiz at marketing. She’s been in the real estate business for more than twenty years. Gail is very detail-oriented and she’s a great communicator. She answers questions so promptly, your head will spin! She dedicates all the waking hours of the day to her clients. We are delighted with all aspects of Gail’s work.

Brian B.

I finance commercial real estate nationwide. Multi-family, mobile home parks, self-storage from $1MM up to $25MM. SBA financing for owner-user finance commercial real estate nationwide. Multi-family, mobile home parks, self-storage from $1MM up to $25MM. SBA financing for owner-user. How important is it to deal with a "wired" REALTOR? Well, if you live in the wired world of San Francisco, it's almost mandatory. Conversations, "good deals", and networking are all happening online now. A "wired" REALTOR gives you an edge, whether you're buying or selling property. Few, if any, REALTORS are wired like Brad Coy. He is connected to the most relevant voices in San Francisco real estate because of that wired presence. Those connections will make (or save) you a bunch of money in San Francisco real estate. Call Brad. Better yet, e-mail, Skype or Tweet him. He's instantly accessible and ready to represent your interests.

Terri L.

I've known Brad for some time through various professional real estate groups, and I'm always impressed by his attention to detail. He really listens- even if it's the smallest throwaway comment made during casual conversation, Brad knows that details are important and it shows in his professionalism. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Brad in person at a real estate conference at which we were both presenting. He was speaking about his unique way of using the internet to share client-centric information. He took a concept that was new to many of us and made it palatable, and easy to understand. It was obvious that his clients could seriously benefit from his experience and knowledge.


It is a pleasure to take a few moments to recommend Brad Coy. I've known Brad for just a short time, but in that time I've come to appreciate his ability to quickly adapt internet technologies to meet the needs of his clients and his market. Brad is an active web marketer and an early adopter who is quick to discern what technologies work and what technologies do not work in the best interest of his company and his clients. It's a skill I would look for in choosing a professional to work with.


Mrs. Adams and I have only the highest compliments in evaluating the professional real estate services rendered to us by Mr. Coy and his company, San Francisco Real Estate. Thanks to him, we were able to complete the sale of our Telegraph Landing condominium with dispatch and at our listed sale price. For his courtesy, thoughtfulness, and sensitivity to our needs, we would recommend him highly as a real estate salesperson.

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